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Life as a contractor may involve some tough decisions. Choosing a reliable and personal contractor umbrella company shouldn't be one of them.

We’re here to support you. Our friendly Head Office team are obsessed with providing excellent support and are fully focused on getting you paid correctly and on time. Get paid on time, every time.

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Criminal Finances Act

The answer to the risk and admin nightmare facing agencies from September

The Criminal Finances Act effectively makes recruitment agency directors responsible for ensuring that no-one associated with their business facilitates tax evasion. Risk of liability under the Criminal Finances Act is yet another encumbrance for recruitment agencies, but our experts can support you with bespoke services ensuring you and your business are protected.

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GDPR Assurance

GDPR is with us and will be enforced from May 2018. This is the most comprehensive reform of Data Protection Laws since they were introduced in 1998.

Speak with our GDPR experts who will be available to review how you currently collect and handle personal data and ensure that you are your business are safe from the new €20,000,000 fine. GDPR will take time to implement and we therefore recommend you act now to assess the possible impact on your business. Our team is in a unique position with over a decade’s experience working with the recruitment industry. Don’t be left behind find out more now.

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Latest News

18 October, 2017

Getting a mortgage as a contractor – 6 tips to help you get on the property ladder

In this day and age, getting a mortgage is often far from easy, with lenders being wary of all but those they consider very low risk. As a contractor it can be even more difficult as banks and building societies struggle to get to grips with how contractors work and are paid...

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12 October, 2017

Recruitment agencies – your 6 point action plan to GDPR compliance

Recruitment agencies are essentially data-driven businesses so it stands to reason that any changes to data protection laws are going to have a significant impact. Even though GDPR does not come into effect until May next year, it is time to sit up, take notice and get prep...

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2 October, 2017

Marriage Allowance – who can get it and how do they do it?

As an Umbrella company employee, if you are married or in a civil partnership, you may be able to benefit from a government tax break known as the marriage allowance. It can save you more than £600 as a couple over the tax year yet, unbelievably, only half of eligible coup...

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27 September, 2017

Criminal Finances Act 2017 is law from 30th September – Download our free guide

The Criminal Finances Act 2017 comes into effect on 30th September and introduces new rules to make it easier for HMRC to convict organisations who help, or fail to prevent, the facilitation of tax evasion. This has the potential to have a significant impact on the contra...

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