Working on temporary assignments can be confusing, joining Liquid Friday will help make it easier. You can expect the best support from our expert team, alongside an excellent package for an easier contracting experience.

Getting set up with us is quick and simple. All we need is an email address then everything can be done online, and you don’t have to print anything out. Don’t worry if you haven’t got an email address as we can post out anything you need, if that’s easier.

To reward our employees Liquid Friday has put together an industry leading package, including great rates, provision of allowable expenses, flexible holiday arrangements, competitive Pension Scheme & access to Liquid Perks; a fantastic Employee Reward scheme giving our Employees over £800 per year in savings.

On top of all that we have relationships with more than 1000 agencies in the UK and as a leading Umbrella Company we can help you work on your assignment regardless of the agency you find the work through. If we don’t work with a particular agency we’ll get in touch and try to start working with them as a new supplier.

We treat everyone as an individual, and provide help and information based on your own circumstances, skills and experience. Do you need help with finding your next assignment? No problem, we’ll take the time to help you. Want to fully understand your payslip? We’ve got resources written in plain English that break everything down.

Why choose Liquid Friday?

Tax and National Insurance Contributions (NICs)
We calculate and deduct the right amount of tax and NICs every time you get paid. This means that if your only income is from Liquid Friday there’s no need to complete a self-assessment tax return and all of your payments to HMRC will be up to date.

Whilst working with Liquid Friday you are able to claim certain business expenses that, as long as they are approved, can be processed tax free. The best way of sending your expenses over to us is through our secure online portal, which you can do weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Ask our Expenses Team for more information.

If you’re earning more than ten thousand pounds per year and aged between 22 and state pension age (SPA) then you’ll be automatically enrolled into our pension scheme after three months with Liquid Friday. The scheme is managed by NOW:Pensions and can be taken to other employers if you leave us, although you can opt out of pension contributions if you prefer.

Statutory payments
As an employee of Liquid Friday you can qualify for certain payments including sick pay, maternity and paternity pay. There’s a qualifying period and sometimes a form to complete, but our team will provide you with all the information when you need to benefit from these.


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