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Risk Assessment support from Liquid Friday

Liquid Friday has, and continues, to support hundreds of contractors every week with our Furlough scheme. We also fully support the Government’s phased approach to returning to work. As we move towards this planned reopening of Business and Client Sites , it is more important

Liquid Perks

Free online courses with Liquid Friday!

2 months into lockdown and you might find you are going a bit stir crazy, or losing momentum with the homeschooling. We have the perfect remedy!  If you are employed by Liquid Friday (ie. paid through our umbrella service,or currently furloughed), you can access 100+

Coronavirus: Weekly Update

They say that knowledge is power, and in the situation we find ourselves in, it’s easy to feel powerless in the face of uncertainty.  At Liquid Friday, we are committed to keep our agencies and contractors in the loop on important matters which may affect

Update – Job Retention Scheme

At Liquid Friday, we are fully committed to supporting our agencies and contractors during the Covid-19 crisis. We absolutely understand that contractors will be really concerned about their financial situation and what will happen if a client lays them off because of coronavirus shutdown. Coronavirus

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Covid-19 Agency Support

In the face of the coronavirus crisis, businesses in many sectors are under threat. Chancellor Rishi Sunak told a press conference that it is “an economic emergency. Never before in peacetime have we faced an economic fight like this one”. Like many of you, we

Talking Point

Survey shows Brits find job satisfaction at age 45

Middle age doesn’t come with too many benefits (you could say there are fewer perks, and everything’s less perky!) But according to a recent study, that period of life is when UK workers achieve job satisfaction, with 45 the average age they are finally happy

A-Z of choosing an umbrella company – Part 2

We previously brought you Part 1 of our A to Z of choosing an umbrella company – something which can be far from easy in a crowded, and often confusing market. If you are a recruiter, you’ll want an umbrella company that delivers on compliance