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Category: IR35

Umbrella Vs Limited

Umbrella Vs Limited Company – the true 2021 picture

The good old “Umbrella Vs Limited Company” debate has always raged on the contractor agenda, but with changes to IR35 just around the corner, this year it’s set against a very different landscape. When someone decides to work as a contractor or freelancer, one of

IR35 Inside Out

IR35: How to lead discussions with end clients

On April 6th 2021 the rules for IR35 in the private sector will change. The only way that it is going to have any semblance of a smooth landing, is by everyone sharing their knowledge.  Contractors, agencies, end clients, and supply chain partners alike –


IR35: Challenges for the construction industry

Construction was one of the first industries to open up after the first Coronavirus lockdown, with the government hailing the critical efforts of construction workers and businesses at the time. This was an enormous undertaking for the industry, having to change working practices to make


IR35 – getting back on track for April 2021

With the IR35 reforms edging ever closer, now is the time to get back to where we were before the pandemic pulled the rug out from under our feet. With any further delay highly unlikely, the best line of defence is to know what you

Gearing up (again) for IR35 in the private sector

2020 has thrown a lot at everyone. With the wide social and economic impact of the pandemic, the government delayed the implementation of IR35 reform in the private sector by 1 year, a decision which was broadly welcomed. The planned changes will now be introduced

IR35 implementation is a tricky business – even for HMRC

HMRC is to clarify an “errant clause” in the IR35 legislation which effectively redefines intermediaries and makes the agency a fee-payer. Liquid Friday’s Group Head of Operations, Joe Taffurelli, explains what’s happened: Recent news articles have highlighted an “unforeseen consequence” of some of the current

summer statement

Chancellor’s Summer Statement: Key Points

On 8th July, Chancellor Rishi Sunak delivered his summer economic update in which he outlined the government’s “Plan for Jobs”, with a focus on the creation, support and protection of jobs while acknowledging the challenges that will bring. Here are the key announcements of the


IR35: no more delay for private sector

Despite opposition, reforms to the IR35 off-payroll working rules will definitely go ahead in April 2021. A year’s delay to the changes, due to Covid-19, made 6th April 2021 the hastily pencilled-in start date. To extend that rather clumsy analogy, that date has now been