Fast, Accurate & Confidential education checks

How well do you know your candidate? It is estimated that over 55% of applicant embellish their CV’s with fake qualifications which are rarely challenged. This is a potentially damaging and high risk scenario for recruiters.

Many recruiters rely on consultants and internal HR teams to check the validity of qualifications; however, this is often a lengthy drawn out process and one that is regularly missed or forgotten. This could mean that candidates are placed without the pre-requisite qualifications leaving you exposed to real risk, not to mention the embarrassment.

Liquid Friday is able to take away this pain and risk with a simple, fast and detailed service giving you greater peace of mind. Our team will validate the candidate’s educational history, confirming the establishments attended, the dates of attendance, the courses studied and the qualifications gained. These checks should form a vital part of any pre-employment checks.

Education & Qualification checks can be processed in as little as 24 hours, but can have a turnaround time of around 10 days. Even though these checks should be an important part of every appointment, some businesses are reluctant or unable to carry them out. This is often put down to the time and resource involved. Outsourcing these checks to Liquid Friday is an efficient and cost-effective way of ensuring compliance, and it frees up your team to concentrate on other priorities.

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