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Author: Lynne Gowers

Closing your limited company – how to do it right

If you are a contractor and are no longer supplying your services through a limited company, you’ll need to take appropriate steps to close it. It’s important that this is handled properly to avoid penalties and any impact on your future credit rating or trading

tax code

Understanding your tax code 2021/22

Of everything we get asked about in payroll, tax code queries have got to be one of the most common. So as the clock resets on another new financial year, it’s the ideal opportunity for a refresher on tax codes, specifically on what the various


Chocs away for our Easter competition!

Subscribe to the Liquid Friday blog and you could win a luxury chocolate sharing basket! Easter weekend is almost here, the sun is out and we can finally start meeting up outdoors. To celebrate, we have an eggs-cellent giveaway for you! Simply subscribe to the

umbrella company checklist

The good umbrella company checklist

So this is a blog about how to spot a good umbrella company, written by an umbrella company. We’re bound to be biased right? But hear us out!   Imminent changes to how IR35 is applied in the private sector will make it less attractive to


Pressing ahead with IR35

Rumours of a last minute delay or u-turn to the IR35 reforms were put to bed with last week’s Budget.  The absence of any reference to the off-payroll rules in either the Chancellor’s speech or subsequent “Red Book” was confirmation that the changes are going

Budget 2021 | Key takeaways

Hot off the press… In his Budget speech Chancellor Rishi Sunak pledged that the government will continue doing “whatever it takes” to support British people and business, as well as starting to fix public finances and building a future-proof economy. Economy is expected to return

Umbrella Vs Limited

Umbrella Vs Limited Company – the true 2021 picture

The good old “Umbrella Vs Limited Company” debate has always raged on the contractor agenda, but with changes to IR35 just around the corner, this year it’s set against a very different landscape. When someone decides to work as a contractor or freelancer, one of

IR35 Inside Out

IR35: How to lead discussions with end clients

On April 6th 2021 the rules for IR35 in the private sector will change. The only way that it is going to have any semblance of a smooth landing, is by everyone sharing their knowledge.  Contractors, agencies, end clients, and supply chain partners alike –