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Author: Lynne Gowers

Press Release

Press release: Liquid Friday partners with Stride

Leading umbrella company Liquid Friday has entered into an agreement with job platform Stride (formerly known as JobLab) with a view to developing Stride’s technology and IP into a new solution to better serve their recruitment agency clients. Liquid Friday’s CEO, Colin Gunnell, explained the

working from home

Tax relief for working from home

Working from home became commonplace for many of us during the pandemic, and even now that workplaces are opening up and inviting employees back, many businesses are continuing to embrace a more flexible approach to where their staff do their day’s work. Working from home

mini umbrella

Mini Umbrella scandal exposed

The explosion in dodgy umbrella schemes needs to be the catalyst for further focus on compliance in our sector and stop the exploitation of workers and the taxpayer by these unscrupulous suppliers who are pocketing thousands of pounds a week. What is mini umbrella fraud?

Talking Point

Clear-cut umbrella guidance from HMRC

HMRC has issued updated guidance about working through umbrella companies. And for once, we don’t have anything to say about it! In fact, it’s really good, unambiguous information that actually gets to the point of what an umbrella looks like and does.  The new guidance

Closing your limited company – how to do it right

If you are a contractor and are no longer supplying your services through a limited company, you’ll need to take appropriate steps to close it. It’s important that this is handled properly to avoid penalties and any impact on your future credit rating or trading

tax code

Understanding your tax code 2021/22

Of everything we get asked about in payroll, tax code queries have got to be one of the most common. So as the clock resets on another new financial year, it’s the ideal opportunity for a refresher on tax codes, specifically on what the various


Chocs away for our Easter competition!

Subscribe to the Liquid Friday blog and you could win a luxury chocolate sharing basket! Easter weekend is almost here, the sun is out and we can finally start meeting up outdoors. To celebrate, we have an eggs-cellent giveaway for you! Simply subscribe to the

umbrella company checklist

The good umbrella company checklist

So this is a blog about how to spot a good umbrella company, written by an umbrella company. We’re bound to be biased right? But hear us out!   Imminent changes to how IR35 is applied in the private sector will make it less attractive to