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Dom Aighton
15th July, 2014

Companies Encouraged To Improve Offers For IT Contractors

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Businesses that want to safeguard themselves against lack of IT expertise should make sure their offers for IT contractors are as attractive as possible, Arrows Group recommends.

The IT staffing group has warned that firms must have realistic pay expectations. If not, many companies will not secure the skill level they require, Arrows Group's Paul Winchester told ContractorUK.

A great number of freelance negotiations are currently being held over rates, Winchester commented. He predicts that the "matching" of expectations is poised to continue for the rest of this year.

Usually, clients tend to request professional services for a certain remuneration. However, if customers do not improve their offers, they might be forced to make do with less experienced candidates who possess skills that are reciprocal to the offered sum, Winchester added.

Three businesses informed their freelance IT workers that they should either accept a lower rate or leave.

A very different approach was taken by Barclays, RBS and ONS earlier this year. Between March and April the three businesses informed their freelance IT workers that they should either accept a lower rate or leave, ContractorUK said.

Winchester, however, did not perceive this to be a sector-wide approach. He added that the mismatch between expectations on behalf of clients and freelancers is resulting in a shortage of appropriate candidates in the market.

Businesses that expect to release their product or service on time but do not have the sufficient IT expertise to do it will certainly face challenges. Therefore, it may be a good idea for companies to make adjustments in their goals or pay rates, Winchester concluded.

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