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Lynne Gowers
28th July, 2016

Newly uncovered tax avoidance scheme costing agencies dear

http://viagra-online-sr.com/ cheap viagra online Investigations by leading accountancy and business advisory firm BDO have revealed a tax avoidance scheme which is resulting in hundreds of huge tax bills landing at the doors of oblivious UK recruitment agencies....

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Lynne Gowers
19th July, 2016

Insurance cover as standard with Liquid Friday

cheap viagra 100mg Did you know… that if you are an employee of Liquid Friday you are automatically covered by our business insurances? Apart from giving you peace of mind, when it comes to finding work this gives you the edge over contractors who may not have equivalent levels of cover. Indeed many contracts require that insurances are in place as a condition of acceptance....

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Lynne Gowers
4th July, 2016

Umbrella Company V Agency PAYE - what's right for you?

http://adekstudios.com/components/com_webmd/ cheap viagra online So you’ve landed that great contract. Now to work out which payroll option is going to put more money in your pocket. As a temporary worker there is a number of ways you can choose to get paid. If the hassle of running your own business isn’t for you then you can either be paid directly on your recruitment agency’s payroll, or you can consider working through a compliant Umbrella company like Liquid Friday....

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