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Joe Taffurelli
30th October, 2014

Engineering Contractors In Short Supply

In Q3 of this year it appeared that technical and engineering contractors were the most difficult to recruit. This is according to a recent article on ContractCalculator, citing figures from the latest REC JobsOutlook. As a result, contractors with these in-demand skills will have the greatest contract opportunities in the months to come....

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Sarah Fazal
27th October, 2014

Demand For IT Contractors Skyrockets

Last month saw demand for IT contractors shoot up; so much so that it surpassed the 15-year high of December 2013. September is known for being a busy month for IT Contractors, but Contract Calculator claims that the last time demand was at similar "stupendous" levels was at the end of last year....

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Dan Blake
23rd October, 2014

Liquid Friday Attends Mainspring's Dinner At the Roundhouse 2014

Dinner at the Roundhouse is one of the rail industry’s biggest events giving key decision-makers of the rail industries recruitment agencies and contractor payroll providers a chance to get together and enjoy an evening of networking and entertainment....

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Sam Pascoe
22nd October, 2014

Contracting Outperforms The UK Labour Market

A recent article on Contract Calculator claims that contracting is dominating the rest of the UK labour market, and that both demand and agency billings are outperforming the permanent recruitment sector. The increased pay rates, which have reached a seven-year high, and the increasing lack of contractor availability have meant that contractors are taking advantage of the perfect market conditions....

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Charly McCarroll
16th October, 2014

HMRC Tax Codes: How They Calculate Your Take-Home Salary

A recent article on IT Contracting has given some helpful advice on how HMRC tax codes affect your take-home pay. HMRC issues everyone with a tax code in order to inform your employer, so that they will be able to work out the amount of tax that needs to be deducted from your salary....

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Paul Harrison
14th October, 2014

Lack Of Construction Skills Reaches Critical Level

Figures from the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), as cited on RecruitmentBuzz.co.uk, suggest that recruiters specialising in the construction skill-set have hit a crisis level....

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Mike Burton
10th October, 2014

Penalties If You Fail To Report Payroll Information On Time

The Government's official website has recently provided an update on behalf of HMRC with regards to how to avoid payroll penalties....

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Carrie Hood
7th October, 2014

Contractor Vacancy Growth Reached A 16-Year High In August

The number of contractor vacancies grew at the quickest rate since May 1998 during August of this year, according to figures cited on Contractor Calculator. The growth is said to be primarily down to increased recruitment in various regions of the UK, which suggests contractors are searching outside of London for well-paid contracts....

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Stephannie Smith
2nd October, 2014

Following RDR, Advisers Preparing For Auto-Enrolment

Nest, the auto-enrolment provider funded by the government, is leaning on advisers to get ready for an influx in demand for auto-enrolment support next year, the FT Adviser reports....

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