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Christine Mackenzie
30th September, 2014

Construction & Engineering Contract Opportunities In Scotland Spikes

According to a recent article on the ContractorCalculator website, August 2014 saw a spike in opportunities for construction and engineering contracts. The category was catapulted to first place on the demand league table, meaning it was up from third place in July....

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Andrius Brundza
29th September, 2014

Study Shows Rising Confidence Among Building Contractors

As further evidence of the construction industry recovery, recent research shows that business is still improving for members of the Building and Engineering Association (B&ES), an article on The Construction Index reports....

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Alex Baines
24th September, 2014

More Opportunities For Renewable Energy Contractors In Europe

With European countries striving to meet their renewable energy targets for 2020, their increased efforts could spell good news for renewable energy contractors, an article on Shout 99 reports....

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Christian Brady
18th September, 2014

Women's Skills Improving Faster than Men's, Report Shows

New research reveals that women may soon be out-competing men in the job market, as the gender skills gap continues to expand, an article on Staffing Industry reports....

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Joe Taffurelli
11th September, 2014

Consultation Begins About Exclusivity Ban For Zero Hour Contracts

Having been discussed in the news for the past couple of years, zero hour contracts are being brought back into the foreground by ministers hoping to clamp down on employers who continue to use them inappropriately....

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Ash Birt
9th September, 2014

Contracting Trade Body 'PCG' Now Called 'IPSE'

The freelancing body Professional Contractors Group (PCG) has recently changed its name to the Association of Independent Professional and the Self-Employed – or IPSE for short....

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Kirsty Hopkins
2nd September, 2014

How Women Can Improve IT Contractor Figures

Having recently discussed the fact that IT skills are lacking among contractors, we were interested to come across an article on Contractor UK which argues that female IT professionals could provide the solution....

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