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Becky Davage
29th May, 2014

Near-Term Employment Prospects Look Good For Agency Workers

The near future appears to hold strong promise for agency workers employment-wise, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) says in its latest JobsOutlook report. Many companies are looking to hire more temporary workers, driven by the need to plug skill gaps and capitalise on the accelerating economic recovery....

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Dan Blake
27th May, 2014

69% Of UK Companies Make Use Of Temps

During the first quarter of 2014, 69% of UK employers had temporary workers among their staff. Overall, 7% of the national workforce consisted of people employed on temporary contracts, according to the Labour Market Outlook Spring 2014 report from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)....

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Christopher Clark
22nd May, 2014

Treasury Select Committee Voices Worries Over HMRC Debt Recovery Power

Under plans announced by Chancellor George Osborne during his Budget speech, HMRC would be able to reach into people's bank accounts and take the money needed to cover their tax obligations. This idea, however, does not sit well with the Treasury Select Committee, which has raised serious concerns over the proposal....

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Sean Mbaeri
20th May, 2014

Shrinking Candidate Availability Pushed Up Temp Salaries In April

April was another good month for the temp/contract labour market, as revealed by the latest REC/KPMG Report on Jobs. Temp billings kept rising at a brisk pace and temp pay rates grew at an accelerated rate compared to March. However, there is a serious problem facing employers, namely the steady decline in candidate availability. This shortage is actually the reason for the salary growth, rather than rising business confidence as a result of the strengthening economy, the report notes....

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Ash Birt
15th May, 2014

Reed April Report Shows 16% Rise In Temp and Contract Positions

As confidence among UK employers continues to rise, so does their appetite for hiring. Temporary and contract staff remain much in demand because they provide a prompt solution to the skills problem and allow companies to operate flexibly. The latest proof of that demand is the April jobs report from Reed, which shows a 16% increase in both temp and contract positions since the start of 2014 as compared to the average growth rate in 2013....

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Stephannie Smith
13th May, 2014

Public Sector Organisations Ramp Up Use Of Temps

It has long been clear that private sector organisations cannot operate flexibly without recourse to temporary workers. Temporary labour is also growing in importance for the public sector, which needs it for the efficient delivery of front-line services, Online Recruitment reports....

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Becky Davage
9th May, 2014

Financial Sector Goes Into Hiring Frenzy But Skill Shortages Threaten Future Growth

Good times seem to be back in the UK financial services industry. What better proof of that than the hiring fever which has gripped the sector? But while the latest figures from APSCo reveal a surge in both permanent and contract vacancies, the report also highlights the danger posed by skill shortages. Unless prompt action is taken, the looming skills crisis will severely inhibit the sector's ability to capitalise on the economic recovery and pave the way for sustained future growth, APSCo points out....

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Kirsty Hopkins
1st May, 2014

What Peeves UK Contractors?

More and more UK companies may be waking up to the value of contractors but that does not mean they are able to maximise this value. A key issue employers need to address is the recruitment process, which an overwhelming majority of contractors find to be too lengthy. Many contractors also complain about poor treatment at the start of work, more specifically in the areas of induction and onboarding....

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