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Kyle Needs
29th April, 2014

UK Micro-Businesses Reveal Strong Appetite For Agency Workers

Temporary workers remain firmly in the focus of UK employers, including micro-businesses. In its latest JobsOutlook report, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) reveals that a net balance of 18% of the smallest UK companies plan to hire temporary agency workers in the next three months as opposed to a net balance of 9% declaring such intention a month earlier. With micro-businesses making up 95% of UK private sector companies, their willingness to recruit bodes well for temp staff demand....

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Dom Aighton
24th April, 2014

New Criminal Offence To Boost Fight Against Offshore Tax Evasion

If Chancellor George Osborne brings his plan to fruition, the UK will be able to crack down on tax evasion through yet another means - a new criminal offence for people keeping undeclared income in offshore accounts. Under that plan, HMRC can seek a criminal conviction for such individuals without having to prove intended tax evasion through the use of offshore locations for keeping their money....

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Carrie Hood
22nd April, 2014

Optimism Prevails Within UK Freelancing Community

It seems these are good times to be a freelancer in the UK. According to the first-quarter Freelancer Confidence Index from the PCG, a spirit of optimism pervades the contractor community: an impressive 70.1% of independent professionals expect improvement in the national economy over the year ahead and about a third of them have confidence they will do better in 2014....

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Georgina Lofting
17th April, 2014

Employment Law Specialist Alerts Agencies Of Risk From Gross Payments

Following the enforcement of the new “false self-employment” legislation, recruitment agencies and umbrella companies are doubling their efforts to ensure compliance with the new rules. Adapting to the changes and getting everything right will probably take a while but tax experts are lending a hand by exploring the new provisions in depth and providing advice to the recruitment industry. According to legal firm Lawspeed, which specialises in employment law, recruitment agencies that pay their contractors gross are put at risk by the new legislation....

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Paul Harrison
16th April, 2014

Recruitment Experts Welcome Potential Of New Legislation To Stop "Phoenixing"

Recruitment industry experts have voiced their support for legislation included in the Finance Bill that could help address the problem of "phoenixing" in the industry. This would be achieved by making recruitment firm directors personally liable for taxes and National Insurance contributions (NICs) not paid by workers supplied by the staffing company, Recruiter magazine has reported on its website....

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Christopher Clark
10th April, 2014

Short-Term Prospects Look Good For UK Contractors

The UK's army of independent workers has every reason to be optimistic about employment and pay prospects. But while this holds true for the short term, Chancellor George Osborne will have to give certain issues careful consideration if his economic plan is to bear fruit in the long term, according to the Professional Contractors Group (PCG)....

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Joe Taffurelli
8th April, 2014

24m Britons To Receive New Tax Statements From October

Starting in October this year, about 24 million Britons will be sent new personal tax statements by HMRC. The documents will contain information on the amount of tax paid in 2013/2014 and how the money has contributed to public expenditure....

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Alex Baines
3rd April, 2014

Employer Hiring & Pay Intentions Bode Well For Temp Labour Market

Agency workers have good reason to be optimistic about their job prospects in the foreseeable future, as suggested by the latest JobsOutlook report from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC). A large proportion of employers intend to hire more temporary workers in the next three to 12 months, with prospects also looking good for pay....

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Christine Mackenzie
1st April, 2014

Public Sector Needs Best Practice Guide On Contractor Use

If the UK public sector is to eliminate all malpractice in the use of contractors it will require a best practice guide, according to the Professional Contractors Group (PCG). The organisation has urged the Treasury to round up the experts and introduce such guidance so that no doubt can be cast on the thousands of freelancers and independent professionals who abide by the rules...

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