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Helen Taylor
31st March, 2014

South East Contractors Lead The Pay Race By A Wide Margin

If financial gain is your primary reason for going freelance, you’d do well to settle in the South East (if you are not already there, of course). As it turns out, contractors in that region earn significantly more than their peers operating in other parts of the UK, research by the Professional Representation Network (PRN) has established...

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Christopher Clark
25th March, 2014

Upbeat Mood Takes Hold Within Interim Management Sector

There is a widespread sense of optimism among interim management market players, the latest survey from the Interim Management Association (IMA) has revealed. The results show that an impressive 89% of interim management providers expect 2014 to be a growth year for the sector...

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Dan Blake
20th March, 2014

REC, PCG Highlight Dangers Of New Self-Employment Restrictions

Two leading professional organisations have expressed concern over HMRC proposals that would restrict self-employment. In a letter addressed to Chancellor George Osborne, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) and the Professional Contractors Group (PCG) warned that the Onshore Employment Intermediaries legislation poses a danger to job creation and economic growth and said that its implementation should be delayed to provide businesses with more time to adjust to the changes...

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Phillip Venn
18th March, 2014

February Abounds In Opportunities For White Collar Professionals

The white collar jobs market in the UK continued its recovery in February, the month being particularly good for engineering, accounting and finance professionals. However, the latest set of data from the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) came with the warning that the professional jobs market appeared to be on the verge of a serious talent shortage...

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Wendy Spencer
13th March, 2014

MPs Call For Review Of Projected Revenues From Tax Avoidance Crackdown

In December, Chancellor George Osborne unveiled a set of measures seen as the biggest effort so far to crack down on tax avoiders. Osborne also forecast quite impressive yields for HMRC but his projections have been called into question by the Treasury Select Committee, which believes that the figures should be reviewed given the extremely uncertain nature of such forecasts...

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Rebekah Riddell
11th March, 2014

Future Looks Bright For Skilled Construction Professionals

Independent contractors have become a blessing for employers that need to fill specific skill gaps. The rise of freelancing has made it possible for companies in practically all sectors to secure the necessary talent on short notice. In the construction industry, it seems that independent professionals with valuable skills will not want for work in the next few decades given the looming talent shortage in the sector...

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Christian Brady
6th March, 2014

PCG Urges Budget Support For Freelance Workers

The UK economy has managed to emerge from the recession, partly thanks to successful government measures. The focus now should be on making growth sustainable through favourable regulatory and tax regimes, with the government going the extra mile to ensure that freelancers and small firms get better support, according to PCG chairman Julie Stewart...

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Jonathan Gardner
4th March, 2014

H&S Exemption Expected For Many Self-Employed Britons

Many self-employed people are expected to soon be exempted from Health and Safety (H&S) rules, Freelance UK has reported...

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