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Liquid Solution

  • No SDC
  • £9.93 per hour minimum rate
  • Allowable expenses
  • Includes Sick Pay, Holiday Pay etc
  • Employed by Liquid Friday

If a prospective candidate is planning on taking a number of temporary assignments, none of which they expect to last more than two years, and they are not under the Supervision, Direction or Control of you or the client, then becoming an employee of Liquid Friday may be the perfect option for them.

Agencies working with Liquid Friday can expect the very best support and communication from our team.

Getting temps set up with us is quick and simple. If the worker has an email address then everything can be done online, without the need to print anything out. The average time from intro call to a signed contract being returned is around 40 minutes! Don’t worry if the candidate doesn’t have an email address as we can post out the application form and contract if needed.

We provide Umbrella PAYE services to around 2,500 employees working with over 600 agencies, and are on the supplier list for a lot of the top 250 UK recruitment agencies, so if you’re working with us you’re in good company, and safe hands.

Benefits of Umbrella PAYE

Tax and National Insurance Contributions (NICs)

We calculate and deduct the right amount of tax and NICs every time you get paid. This means that if your only income is from Liquid Friday there’s no need to complete a self-assessment tax return and all of your payments to HMRC will be up to date.

Employment Issues

We deal with all of the headaches that being an employer brings. Liquid Friday cover all the Statutory Payments, employment risk and contract queries as well as the day to day HR Management that is needed to keep employees happy.

Service Levels

Once you have referred a candidate to Liquid Friday we will contact them within one hour (or at a requested time), running through everything they may need to know. We will always go through a full breakdown of how we work and give them a bespoke Take Home Pay Illustration, clearly giving them a breakdown of what pay they can expect.


Whilst working with Liquid Friday employees are able submit certain business expenses that, as long as you’re working on temporary assignments and are not under the Supervision, Direction or Control of anyone, can be processed tax free.

Insured and Verified Works

We take all the hassle out of being a contractor and engager; we know that clients need to have confidence that their agency workers are always insured and competent. That is why we cover all of our workers as standard with industry leading insurances, including, Public Liability, Professional Indemnity and an optional Personal Accident Insurance.

Happy people!

umbrella paye testimonial person

John Gledhill “Liquid Friday are by far the best Umbrella company I have worked with and I see no reason to change.”

umbrella paye testimonial person

Sara MacGregor “I had a really good experience dealing with Liquid Friday - if you are contracting & need a great umbrella company, give them a call!”