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Limited Company Accounting for Contractors

If you’d like a more hands on role when it comes to your finances, then consider operating through your own limited company. Liquid Friday Accounting gives you the tools manage your business, deal with the taxman, and can also help improve your take home pay.

We’™ll set you up for free, and also make sure you have dedicated help from a fully trained accountant who is there to advise you on how to maximise your income, and help you deal with your obligations to Companies House and HMRC.

Just use our online portal to invoice your agency and claim your expenses. Then see what’s yours and what you owe to HMRC in real-time. We’™ll also make sure your pay information is submitted to HMRC to comply with Real-time Information (RTI).

How you benefit

Free Set Up

If you want to find out how much more you could earn, we can run a pay calculation to compare your options between PAYE Umbrella or Limited. If you choose to go the Limited Company route, we’ll get your company set up for FREE within 24 hours, reducing the delay on you starting your next contract.

Immediate Support

If you need it, we can also help you set up a business bank account. We’™ll deal with HMRC and Companies House on your behalf to get you off the ground, also sorting out all the correspondence your business receives.

No Additional Admin

There’™s no extra work or stress when it comes to managing your company. Raise invoices for your agency and claim your expenses online through our accounting app, just like you would do when submitting timesheets or claiming expenses from your umbrella.

Increased Pay

We will provide you with advice to allow you to determine the most tax efficient way of extracting monies from your business, and allow you take home a higher percentage of your earnings.

Unlimited Support & Advice

We tell you when your tax is due, and what you need to do to pay them. All the work will be done behind the scenes to ensure your obligations are met and our expert team are on hand to help whenever you need it.

What you get

  • Administer your finances using our accounting app
  • Unlimited support from a dedicated accountant
  • Advice to make sure you maximise your income
  • Full year end accounting service
  • Help and advice on what to do about VAT
  • RTI Submissions