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  • What are the Conduct Regulations?

    Contractors starting their first contract, or starting a new contract with a brand new agency, will find one of the first questions the agency asks is whether they want to ‘opt-out’ from the Conduct Regulations. The Conduct Regulations, or to give the legislation its full title, The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003, were introduced by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) to provide workers and hirers with minimum standards they could expect from private sector recruitment agencies and employment businesses. The regulations are designed to apply to workers who are controlled by the client, which means that not only do the vast majority of contractors simply not require the protection which the regulations bring, but also as skilled professionals in business in their own right are not controlled by their clients and so technically the regulations will not apply. When the regulations came into force in 2004 an ‘opt-out’ provision was introduced. Although technically highly skilled contractors not controlled by their clients should not be covered by the regulations, most agencies still request that their contractors formally opt out. If a contractor is considered to be controlled by the client and does not opt out, then the agency is required to work through a series of steps. These include creating paperwork about the client’s requirements and contractor’s suitability for the role, possibly checking the contractor’s qualifications and completing a CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) check for certain roles.

  • Is my employment contract with Liquid Friday overarching?

    Yes, Liquid Friday's contract of employment contains the necessary personal service, mutuality of obligations and control to be considered by HMRC as overarching. This underpins the compliance of the expenses we process for travel and subsistence for our employees. We never pay below National Minimum Wage and we guarantee at least 336 hours of work in any one year. All employees receive at least 28 days of paid holiday and we make all the correct deductions and payment of PAYE tax and national insurance to HMRC. All contracts can be digitally signed by the recipient, removing the need for printing or scanning. Hard copy contracts can be sent in the post if the contractor has no access to email.

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  • Do Liquid Friday do childcare vouchers?

    Yes we do. We partner with Sodexo to offer childcare vouchers to all our employees. This is a 'salary sacrifice' scheme, meaning that childcare vouchers are tax efficient as this amount is not subject to tax and NICs (National Insurance Contributions). Speak to our Payroll Team to find out more.

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  • Where is Liquid Friday based?

    Liquid Friday Ltd is based entirely in the UK. Our Head Office is in sunny Portsmouth, on the South Coast of England and we have regional area representatives that have direct relationships with our network of agency clients.

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  • Does Liquid Friday have any offshore dealings?

    Absolutely not. It's really important for umbrella companies to only operate with the UK tax system and have no offshore dealings whatsoever. We don't make any payments outside the UK, nor have any employees that are not tax resident in the UK. Also, our client base is located entirely within England, Scotland or Wales.

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  • How does the pension scheme work?

    We have a company defined contribution pension scheme operated by NOW:Pensions. Due to new pension laws, anyone who is earning over £9,445 per year and is aged between 22 and state pension age (SPA) has to be automatically enrolled into a pension scheme. With Liquid Friday there is a 3 month deferment period from your start date before this will happen. You do have the right to opt-out of our pension scheme if you prefer, but you can only do this following at least one lot of deductions. For more details of our pension scheme, please contact the Payroll Team.

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  • How do I get my holiday pay?

    You can have us look after your holiday pay and then request it when you want to take some time off. Or you can have it paid on an advance basis, every time you get paid, alongside your normal wage. You can swop methods whenever you like, but if you've got anything in your holiday pot, we'll have to pay it out. You can find our holiday form in the Help > Downloads & Resources section of the site, or ask any of the team for details.

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  • How much holiday do I get?

    Every employee of Liquid Friday gets at least 28 days holiday, which works out at 12.07% of your gross salary. As with any job, you need to take your holiday within one year and your holiday year starts from the date you join us. If you're getting close to the end of the holiday year and you've still got some holiday left to take, we'll send you a reminder.

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  • What is my hourly rate?

    The basic rate of pay for all umbrella employees is national minimum wage (NMW) which goes up from time to time. On top of this you'll also get your expenses, plus any bonus that may be due, dependent on your assignment. Our illustration that we send you shows a full breakdown of this.

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  • What is an assignment rate?

    The assignment rate is the total hourly rate paid by the agency to Liquid Friday for the work and services that have been provided. The assignment rate is inclusive of our margin, employer's national insurance, holiday pay, your salary and any expenses due. Check your employment contract for more details or contact the team.

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  • What's NIERS on my payslip?

    NIERS is Employers National Insurance. All employers have to pay National Insurance to HMRC for their employees. This is taken off the assignment rate before your pay is calculated and is paid directly to HMRC by Liquid Friday.

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  • Who do I sent my timesheet to?

    We have different relationships with different agency clients. Some agencies collect the timesheets on our behalf, and some you'll need to submit directly to us. We'll let you know what needs to be done during the onboarding process, depending on which agency you've found work through.

  • Can I be paid into a building society account?

    We can make payments to most kinds of account, although some building societies may have a separate reference number that needs to be added when payments are made.

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  • Can I work for several agencies?

    Yes, you can work on temporary assignments through multiple agencies whilst with Liquid Friday. We'll gather the relevant information from the various agencies and process your pay as normal.

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  • When do I get paid?

    Depending on your assignment you may be paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly, but pay is normally always in your account on a Friday before 6pm. We run payrolls on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

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  • What's HMRC?

    Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is the authority responsible for collecting all tax and NICs (National Insurance Contributions) in the UK. All of the tax and NICs that we deduct from our employees is paid over to HMRC correctly, in full and on time.

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  • Who is my employer?

    If you are registered with Liquid Friday and have signed your contract of employment, then Liquid Friday is your employer. Just because you're not on an assignment does not mean that you are not an employee of Liquid Friday, so it's really important that you keep us in the loop when one assignment finished, or another one starts.

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  • What expenses can I submit?

    You can submit expenses which are "wholly, necessarily and exclusively" for your assignment. Expenses can only be submitted if you expect to be working on a number of assignments, each lasting less than two years. At the point you know your assignment will last more than two years you won't be able to claim expenses. Please note: Travel and subsistence expenses are subject to the legislation reform of 2016. If your assignment is considered to be under SDC (supervision, direction or control), travel and subsistence expenses are not claimable.

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  • What is Umbrella PAYE?

    Umbrella is a 'pay as you earn' scheme designed for contractors working on a number of temporary assignments over the course of a year. You are employed by the Umbrella Company and then provide services to end clients that are usually found through recruitment agencies.

    pay as you earn,PAYE,umbrella
  • What is PAYE?

    PAYE stands for 'pay as you earn'. It's a method of payroll where tax and NICs (National Insurance Contributions) are deducted every time you get paid, rather than at the end of the year (as for self-employed individuals).

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  • Are expenses offset against PAYE salary?

    Expenses are fully reimbursed on top of minimum wage.

  • Is the dispensation issued by the Special Compliance Office (or Specialist Employer Section)?

    The Liquid Friday dispensation was issued by the Specialist Employer Section.

  • Does Liquid Friday have an active dispensation that is less than 5 years old?

    Yes, the dispensation for Liquid Friday is dated May 2012.

  • When was Liquid Friday last audited by HMRC?

    Liquid Friday was last audited by HMRC in May 2013.

  • Does Liquid Friday monitor expenses claims?

    All expenses claims are manually checked and regular internal audits are performed.

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  • Are receipts required for expenses claims?

    Original or copy receipts must be provided for all expenses. No expense will be approved without a valid original receipt or a clearly legible copy; we can't accept blurry or fuzzy receipt copies. Receipts need to show the date, the name, address and VAT registration number of the supplier of the goods or services and have a clear description of the goods or services supplied. If VAT applies it should show the net VAT amount and the gross total. Please ensure that any proof of purpose is visible, clearly shows dates, price and confirmation of what has been purchased. Any invoices must be in your name.

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  • Does Liquid Friday use scale rate payments to reimburse expenses?

    Expenses are fully reimbursed on top of minimum wage.

  • What subsistence allowance am I entitled to?

    Subsistence can only be submitted if costs of meals have been incurred during your working day. If you have been away from home for more than 5 hours but less than 10 you are entitled to a maximum of £5 a day. If you are away from home for more than 10 hours you are entitled to up to £10 a day. Receipts must be provided. Please note: Travel and subsistence expenses are subject to the legislation reform of 2016. If your assignment is considered to be under SDC (supervision, direction or control), travel and subsistence expenses are not claimable.

  • What is Employer’s NIERS?

    This is the employer’s national insurance deduction. This company deduction is factored in when your agency calculate your uplifted assignment rate.

    employers NIERS,national insurance deduction,NIERS
  • Are my expenses ‘fully reimbursed’?

    Your expenses are not subject to tax and national insurance deductions. The amount of your pay which is liable to tax and national insurance is reduced by the amount of expenses you submit.

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  • Can I backdate my expenses?

    Expenses can be backdated up to 28 days, free of charge.

  • What is the deadline for expenses each week?

    All forms must be received by 12 noon Wednesday to be processed in the same week. Expenses received after the deadline can still be processed in the same week, but an admin fee may apply.

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  • Can I submit my car insurance/repairs?

    No, car maintenance, insurance, road tax and general wear and tear are covered in the standard mileage rate provided by HMRC. Please note: Travel and subsistence expenses are subject to the legislation reform of 2016. If your assignment is considered to be under SDC (supervision, direction or control), travel and subsistence expenses are not claimable.

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  • Can I claim for my new laptop/printer?

    IT equipment is not covered by our expenses policy. Only items which we can prove are only being used for work purposes can be submitted as an expense.

  • Do I need to send in my receipts?

    Original or copy receipts must be provided for all expenses. No expense will be approved without a valid original receipt or a clearly legible copy; we cannot accept blurry or fuzzy receipt copies.