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So, you have chosen to use APSCo affiliated umbrella providers for your agency’s Umbrella PSL...

Liquid Friday have been an APSCo affiliated umbrella provider for 5 years, recognising that professional, diligent recruitment agencies require professional suppliers that understand the requirements of the temporary labour supply chain and how important compliance is to staffing companies and their clients. We are APSCo approved, by virtue of our FCSA accreditation, which we selected because the audit is:

  • awarded by a not for profit, self-regulating body that is impartial;
  • audited by the tax team from EY, one of the most credible and reputable firms of the big UK/International Auditors;
  • the accreditation is the most stringent in the contractor services market, representing the highest benchmark of compliance for umbrella companies;

If you have chosen to use APSCo’s affiliate umbrella list as a reliable means of sourcing safe solutions for your organisation, your candidates and your clients, then we want to work with you. We believe in protecting all parties in the supply chain for the supply of temporary workers, contractors and freelancers into UK Companies.

If you would like to find out more about working with Liquid Friday as your preferred APSCo affiliated umbrella company, please contact your local Liquid Friday Account Manager today on the details below:

Account Management